PSC 1001

Lecture 5.2--The Impact of Women's Leadership

Women's leadership

Lecture 6.1--Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism

The political economy of the OECD

Lecture 6.2--The Political Economy of Development

Institutions and development

Lecture 3.1--Ethnicity and Nationalism

Nationalism, ethnicity and their relevance for politics.

Lecture 3.2--Constitutional Design for Divided Societies

Can constitutions help to reduce ethnic tensions?

Lecture 4.1--Democracy

Trends in democracy

Lecture 4.2--Authoritarian and Hybrid Regimes

Trends in democracy

Lecture 5.1--Women and Elections

Women's representation

Lecture 2.1--States and State Capacity

An introduction to the concept of a state

Lecture 1.1--What is Comparative Politics?

An overview of the field of comparative politics