I teach the following courses/modules:

University of Cincinnati

  • Cell Biology (26GNTD873001): Nucleus structure & function
  • Biology of Cancer (26CB880001): Hormonal Carcinogenesis
  • Biology of Cancer (26CB880001): Cancer Epigenetics
  • Data Critique and Presentation level-I (26CB923001)
  • Data Critique and Presentation level-II (26CB926001)
  • Data Critique and Presentation level-III (26CB924001)

Saint Louis University

  • Special Topics in Basic Biomedical Sciences (BBSG-502)
  • Basic Biomedical Sciences II (BBSG-503): Nuclear Receptors: Structure, function & mechanism slides
  • Basic Biomedical Sciences II (BBSG-503): Leukemogenesis, Cancer Epigenetics
  • Basic Biomedical Sciences II (BBSG-503): A practical training in bioinformatics
  • Advanced Topics in Pharmacological and Physiological Science II (PPYG-513)
  • Grant Writing Course (PPY514)
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB-100)
  • Special Topics in Basic Biomedical Sciences II (BBSG-504)
  • Journal Club (PPY6900-0) (Course Director)

Interactive learning materials

  • A dimeric DNA-binding domain of the estrogen receptor in complex with DNA ER/ERE
  • DNA-binding domains of a RXR/RAR dimer in complex with DNA RXR/RAR/DR5
  • RAR ligand-binding domain in complex with a CoRNR box peptide CoRNR/RAR-LBD
  • Ligand-binding triggered conformational change to nuclear receptor apo-RXR/holo-RAR